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Classes and Education

As a trained and certified childbirth and newborn educator, I provide both public and private classes on a variety of topics during the perinatal period. Just as with my doula care, my role as an educator is to fully support your ability to feel confident about your knowledge and preparation surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Whether you want a few hours of “the basics” or a full series covering all aspects of the perinatal period, I will work with you to create your education plan.


Sound Breastfeeding and Parenting Classes

My classes are currently being offered through Sound Beginnings.

These comprehensive, informative, and holistic breastfeeding and parenting related classes include Breastfeeding Your Newborn, Breastfeeding and Return to Work, Starting Solids, and a diapering options class called “What Goes In, Must Come Out”, with more to come soon!

Please visit Sound Beginnings for more information!

Great Starts Birth & Parenting Preparation Series

I teach publicly through Great Starts, a program of Parent Trust for Washington Children, a non-profit that provides independent evidence-based classes that incorporate the best aspects of a variety of childbirth preparation methods, including Lamaze, Bradley, Birthing from Within, and the “Relaxation, Rhythm, and Ritual” method (developed by our own Penny Simkin). We offer information about the full range of options, and guide students in making the choices that match their values and priorities.

To register please visit Great Starts

Private, Customized Education Services

Private classes are most often held at your home, but can also be held in the hospital for antepartum patients on bedrest and other locations for expectant parents who need flexibility in order to fully prepare for birth and parenting. Each private, customized education package includes:

  • Email or phone discussion to determine your education needs
  • Personalized private lesson plan related to pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period and/or newborn care
  • In-person educations session for the pregnant parent and support persons
  • Follow-up by email or phone to answer additional questions

Private, Customized Breastfeeding for Your Newborn Class

  • Introductions and Overview
  • Setting Yourself Up for Breastfeeding Success
  • Nursing a Newborn
    • First Feeding
    • When & How Long to Feed
    • How to Get a Good Latch
    • Positioning
    • How to Know Baby is Getting Enough
  • Responding to Early Hurdles
  • Helpful Hints
  • Community Resources

Private, Customized Newborn Care Class

  • Newborn appearance, senses, and capabilities
  • Newborn needs and communication – reading and responding to cues
  • Crying and techniques for soothing
  • Sleep: where, when and how to support it
  • Basic daily care: feeding, bathing, diapering, clothing
  • Health and Safety
  • Community Resources

Private, Customized Supporting a New Family Class

For family members and friends who want to provide excellent postpartum support to new families – great for grandparents, those with limited newborn experience and even older siblings

  • The postpartum period and family transition
  • Assessing your strengths and starting a dialogue
  • How to support bonding, recovery, sleep and nutrition
  • Updated newborn care with a focus on health and safety
  • Community Resources

Private Happiest Baby on the Block Class

These lessons use the extraordinary program developed by Dr. Harvey Karp. Your individualized session can be taken before or after birth and includes everything you need to master the 5 S’s!

My goal for these lessons is to support your ability to learn and succeed in understanding and implementing the philosophy behind and proven baby calming techniques of:

  • The Missing “4th Trimester”
  • The Calming Reflex
  • The 5 “S’s”
  • The Cuddle Cure

The five goals for this program are to:

1. improve parental bonding
2. improve father/partner participation
3. improve nursing success rates
4. help prevent postpartum depression
5. help prevent shaken baby syndrome

The Happiest Baby program has been endorsed by a wide range of individuals and organizations including leaders of American Academy of Pediatrics, founder of Lamaze, Surgeon General, La Leche League International, and more.

Private Certified Happiest Baby Education includes:

  • Full Happiest Baby on the Block lesson
  • Demonstration and practice of the 5 S’s soothing techniques
  • Parent Kit containing the HBOTB DVD and “Super-Soother” White Noise CD
  • Follow-up by email or phone for questions and support


All private classes are available as in-home, customized education for as many people from your family and community as you would like to attend.

Other Topics

  • Cloth Diapering
  • Babywearing

Discounts are available to teens and repeat clients.


Please visit Sound Beginnings for more information!