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Birth Support

In 2012 I transitioned from active doula support to my professional lactation consultation private practice, formerly Sound Breastfeeding and now Sound Beginnings.

Prenatal and postpartum preparation consultations – including the package listed below – private and community-based education sessions, and in-home lactation support once your baby arrives are all available through Sound Beginnings.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a referral to one of my trusted birth doula colleagues.

Consultation Package:

  • Complimentary “meet-and-greet” interview 
  • Two prenatal meetings to discuss your birth plans, answer your questions and support your preparations for labor and birth 
  • Support in creating your individual written birth plan or preferences 
  • Unlimited phone and email support from prenatal through postpartum 
  • Access to my extensive lending library of books and videos 
  • Individualized referrals to local experts and resources 
  • Two postpartum meetings:     
    • One meeting in the early days to talk about your birth, answer questions, and provide professional support with breastfeeding and finding your new rhythm     
    • One meeting at about a month postpartum to ensure a smooth transition to parenthood, answer questions and conclude our time together 


(Please note that the Consultation Package does not include birth attendance.)       

Additional Meetings: 

  • Private childbirth education meeting, covering your choice of topics including signs and stages of labor, birth videos, discussion of common scenarios, variations and interventions, and comfort measures practice     
  • Preparations for the postpartum period – everything from nursery set-up and supplies, to sleep and nutrition    
  • Meeting with family or friends, including education about updates in newborn care and how to best support a new family     
  • Attendance at prenatal preparation class    
  • Breastfeeding education consultation
  • Comprehensive lactation consultation for support and guidance to improve challenges    
  • Any additional prenatal or postpartum meeting

Discounts are available to teens, repeat clients, planned cesareans, and clients who use more than one service. 

I believe that all families wanting professional support should receive it, regardless of ability to pay. I am happy to discuss payment plans and possible discount arrangements. If I am unavailable to support you, I will make sure to refer you to another qualified doula or professional in the community.

If you are interested in learning more about me please see my Frequently Asked Questions.